Name That Trauma :: Hayden of The Hmmm on Prematurely Gray, Mute Boy

name that trauma

Okay…so usually I’m pretty good at figuring out the…“what the hell was that thing I saw on T.V. as a kid…” game.

However…there is one (well 3 actually…) that have been bugging me for years!

Okay…so unfortunately I only remember 2 scenes from this movie.

It was on television around 1985 or so because I don’t think I could have been older than 4 or 5.

The first scene I remember is a brother and sister with a group of their friends. There is an old abandoned house and perhaps they’re on the roof? Anyway…they all keep daring each other to go inside and finally the brother creeps in through a window.

He sees something inside that terrifies him and when it shows him again he has hair turned white.

The following scene is the next morning…the brother and sister are sitting at the breakfast table with their father. We now learn the boy has also turned mute.

Aaaaand that’s all I’ve retained =P

Anyway…have an awesome day and keep up the great work on your blog!

It helps my day go by so much faster <3

AUNT JOHN SEZ: Hmmm Hayden (see what I did there?), I honestly have no idea what this movie is. The original PROM NIGHT initially came to mind, with its horseplay gone awry in an abandoned setting, but nobody turned gray or mute in that one, just homicidal on the dance floor.

What I do know is that I straight up adore the cavalcade of Kindertraumatic masks prominently featured in Hayden’s (& Jacob’s) video for Bioluminescense:

To hear more from The Hmmm, check ’em out HERE, and if anyone knows the name of Hayden’s trauma, you know what to do:

do you know

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13 years ago

That video…reminds me of INXS’s one for “Original Sin”. Except the INXS one has a Jp. street fair and this one has bondage.

13 years ago

almost sounds like the Peanut Butter Solution, but the kid’s hair falls out, and doesn’t turn mute…soooo…that’s not it i guess.

4 years ago

Marshall is correct! It appears I had some of the details wrong. Now that it has been nearly 10 years since this posting I have finally managed to watch The Peanut Butter Solution. I can confirm that this is indeed the movie I had been searching for.

Thanks Kindertrauma and Marshall!