Name That Trauma:: Isaura on a Dastardly Dog Death

Hello there,
I’m looking for a title again.
Asian movie.. All I remember is this girl asking 3 guys if they can watch her dog for a minute while she goes in the store real quick and they wack that dog in a bag to the wall. They kill it and just leave it there on the ground.
The dog was a small Pomeranian dog
Hope someone can help, thanks

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2 years ago

I wonder if this is Gozu: Japanese horror movie by Takashi Miike- the opening scene ends right after a character accuses a girl’s dog of working for the Yakuza and swings it by its leash into the wall.
There’s a couple videos on Youtube if you search up “Gozu yakuza dog”
The film as a whole is very surreal, but pretty good if you’re into that type of thing!