Name That Trauma:: Jose Cruz on an Animated Boy Turned to Stone

Hello Kinderpals!

I have a Name That Trauma that is actually from my wife, but I have transcribed it here for her (dubious) benefit.

She remembers very little from the original source, so this one might pose a bit challenging. I’ll give the basic details to the best of my abilities.

This was an animated film from the 1980s, most likely, but it might have been from the early 90s. The main thrust of the narrative concerned a young boy who was transformed into a stone statue. He didn’t turn into a gargoyle or anything; he retained his original appearance, just in stone form. The audience—and perhaps other characters in the movie—could hear the thoughts of the stone boy.

My wife is uncertain of the exact setting or circumstances of the boy’s transformation, but she’s been haunted by the central figure of this statue kid for years. Like I said, it’s not a lot to go on at all, but it was my hope that some of the other Traumatots here might remember something similar from their pasts. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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sampanaflex (@sampanaflex)
7 years ago

Got nothing on the description, but aren’t the accompanying images from COBRA? That’s awesome.

craig (@bluesunshine)
7 years ago

If her memory is really vague, it could be THE HAPPY PRINCE, by Oscar Wilde. It involves the stone statue of a prince who telepathically speaks to a sparrow to have the bird pluck off his gold and distribute it around town. Any kid who sees this always seems to have it stick over the years.