Name That Trauma:: Kevin B. on Eyeless Spaceship Twins

Howdy! I'm trying to help out a friend here, who's desperate to track down the source of many a nightmare. It was seen on Canadian TV in the late 90s, so it could either be a movie or a TV show.

It involves a pair of twins, both dressed identical, who board an alien spaceship. Afterwards, the ship's door opens again and their eyes have been gouged out. She seems to recall they were being filmed by a TV crew, and perhaps they won the chance to go on the ship. She says that looking back, it may have been comedic in nature, but she's not entirely sure.

If anybody has any hints or leads, that would be amazing.

Thanks a bunch!

Kevin B

UNK SEZ: This NTT should come with a trigger warning because even though I do not know the answer to it, the mere mention of twins and a spaceship has unearthed a memory of a movie I have longed to forget. That movie is SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND and now because I am evil and because it is on YouTube, I shall subject you to it as well as I'm not one to suffer alone.... Forgive me....

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Brother Bill
8 years ago

Based on a Kurt Vonnegut novel??? Ack! Choke!

8 years ago

Sandy Duncan bumper…. I get it!

Dr. Kaiju
8 years ago

Slapstick of Another Kind is a real movie? It's not an hallucination?

Oh dear.