Name That Trauma :: Kinderpal Senski of Heart in a Jar on Two Terrible PSA’s

Hey friends…

Time to turn to the collective hive-mind that is the Kindertrauma fanbase to see who can track down a couple more PSA’s that have stayed with me over the years, and I’ve love to see them again. Since the Monkey From Hell was unearthed, let’s see if they can make it a hat trick…

1) This PSA aired during the late ’60s-early ’70s, and I recall it receiving a lot of play on sleepy Sunday mornings. It was a full minute in length, unfolding almost like a short film. Four teens carjack (?) a vehicle and go out for a raucous joyride. The accident that follows is swift and savage, with the car flying through the air to collapse in a heap. I remember the screams; the teens yelling for their lives, a cut to the car in midair, then back to the screaming kids, then the awful silence after the crash, implying that all had been killed. I don’t recall if it was a message for seat belts, against unlicensed driving or carjacking; heck, it might have been a drunk driving spot. But after 40+ years, I still can hear those screams.

2) The second PSA I only saw once, but it left an indelible impression. This would be late ’70s-early ’80s, and it aired on CBS right before the 10pm news. It was all of ten or 15 seconds in length. Sunny day, camera in the trees, beginning a slow pan down and to the right. A radio announcer is carrying on about what a gorgeous day it is, ending with something along the lines of, “…so get outside and take a dip in that pool!” By then the camera has descended upon a swimming pool, with a long shot of a body lying face down in the water, motionless, presumably dead. The Voice of Doom then warns the audience about swimming alone or unattended. It was chilling to see a PSA with an actual body. I often wonder if it aired so infrequently because of viewer calls. It was as late as late could be and still fall within prime time.

So there you have it; hope someone can unearth this pair of portentous PSA’s!


Steve Senski

UNK SEZ:: Thanks Senski! Here’s hoping we can track these down! Kids, make sure you stop by Senski’s awesome joint HEART IN A JAR and soon!

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Rhiannon Joy
10 years ago

Oh my…I remember the one about the pool vividly…had forgotten about it until reading your post. VERY traumatizing…