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Name That Trauma :: Kitty On Castrating Witch-Faced Girl

July 12th, 2008 by unkle lancifer · 1 Comment

name that trauma!

Dearest Kinderbabies:

Every time I view your site (it’s much more than merely a blog, really), I find something new and excellent to play with. I’ve been reading through the Name That Trauma section, and I think I have a title to add to the list…

The movie was clearly dubbed, but I can’t remember (I was 5) if the original language was French or Italian. All I remember about the movie is that it centers around a little girl who, at night, becomes possessed by something evil. Her appearance changes while she is under the influence of the spirit; she takes on the persona of an old witch or something – it’s totally weird. On one of her late night killing jaunts, she hacks off a dude’s wiener and stuffs it into her chest of drawers all wrapped in a handkerchief. The next thing I remember is the little girl receiving the Death Blow (while possessed by the Old Witch Thing). She then changes back to the sweet, little girl, and utters her final words: “now I can die in peace,” or something to that effect.

Any ideas??

Kitty has faith in you.

UNK L SEZ: Dearest Kitty of our new favorite haunt KILLER KITTENS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, I actually know the answer to that one! (It happens!) That is most certainly DEMON WITCH CHILD (unless there’s two demonic child witch movies that feature a castration). It’s actually a Spanish flick directed by AMANDO DE OSSORIO, the guy responsible for all those groovy blind-dead movies. It was recently made available on DVD as part of a bargain priced set called The Grindhouse Experience Volume 1 that also includes the kinder-fave movie THE CHILDREN. We’ve yet to properly cover that particular killer kid flick here @ Kindertrauma but keep your eyes peeled, it’s definitely in the cards!

UPDATE: Our Darling Kitty has now posted a wonderful, comprehensive review of DEMON WITCH CHILD over at KILLER KITTENS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. Make sure you take time to CHECK IT OUT!

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  • 1 kittyleclawNo Gravatar // Jul 12, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Unkle Lancifer:  Yup, that’s it. I would recognize that 75 year old Cheech Marin-looking possessed girl anywhere! Thank you for solving a decades-old riddle for me, and also for causing me to wet my pants.

    I’m serious. That Demon Witch Child is really scary.

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