Name That Trauma :: Mitch of Vitamin Burger on a Tongue Craving Cat

Hey guys,

My name is Mitch and I do a blog called Vitamin Burger, you were nice enough to follow me. I had a question, well more of a conformation. When I was around 10 or 11 it was either 1981 or ‘82, I saw a T.V. show and I think it was called DARKROOM? It was a omnibus type show, and had scary stories, similar to TALES FROM THE CRYPT. I remember an episode and I think it was called "Cat Got Your Tongue," but not for sure.

I can only recall a few minor details: a guy on a motorcycle, and old woman, and at the end of the episode, a woman asked the guy, "What's wrong, cat got your tongue?"... then it showed a cat actually eating the guys tongue out.

Am I right? Was it DARKROOM? Was that the name of the episode? Have you seen it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,


AUNT JOHN SEZ: Mitch, this trauma does come from the short-lived, JAMES COBURN-hosted anthology series DARKROOM. The segment you are talking about is called "Catnip" (from episode five) and stars JOCELYN BRANDO. For more details, and screen grabs, be sure to check out THE HAUNTED CLOSET.

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Amanda By Night
13 years ago

I just watched this Darkroom last year. It's a bit freaky, mostly with the cat screaming stuff… Yikes!

Although I totally recognized Cavanaugh from Porky's as the star, I didn't recall the girl as being from Mama's Family and the Afterschool Special Tough Girl! I love Karin Argoud! She's awesome!

Also, I love Vitamin Burger. Mitch is awesome!

13 years ago

Thanks…..Amanda…..I Love You Too!

13 years ago

This has already been solved, but it has a wonderful tie-in to one of my most favorite short films of all time! I had to share it here!
The Cat With Hands.