Name That Trauma :: Reader Ashley on Nasty Nuns Drowning Little Girls

Today a young child at the camp I work at jumped into a conversation I was having with a fellow counselor. Me and the other counselor were talking about horror movies, and the girl asked if I’d seen one with a nun.

She wanted to know the title, and said she’d seen her sister watching it. She kept saying about how the nun(s?) were drowning a little girl(s?) in a bathtub. I couldn’t get much more out of her, but now I’m interested in seeing it. Does anybody know the title of this film?

UNK SEZ: I’m pretty confident that the movie that kid was talking about was 2005’s LA MONJA a.k.a THE NUN. In that film, an abusive nun tries to purify a pregnant girl by almost drowning her in a tub, but ends up drowned herself by the girl’s group of friends. Eighteen years pass and wouldn’t you know it, the nun returns for revenge upon those responsible. This English language Spanish production I admit, sounds like it can’t miss (none other than REC‘s JUAME BALAGUERO has a story credit), but I wouldn’t set my expectations too high. Although handsomely filmed, this is pretty routine stuff plagued with sub-par CGI. Despite its shortcomings, if it’s causing scuttlebutt at a summer camp it shouldn’t be taken too lightly. From what you say, it sounds like it might be Kindertrauma material for the next generation!

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14 years ago

I watched this last night and I must say it started out pretty good (there were 2 or 3 real scares to be had here. I really liked the “elevator” scene!) but it had a TERRIBLE ending that when you think about it just doesn’t make SENSE! Not every movie has to have a “twist”, Folks! They should have just played-it-straight and it would have been a pretty decent flick (although I wasn’t totally happy with the CGI Horror Nun …..CGI has really ruined movies for me!)

I think it’s worth a watch though.