Name That Trauma :: Reader Boothe5 on Tots Terrorized by Toys

Can you help me figure out a movie?

  • Old black and white large mansion
  • I think there are two children under 10 yrs old
  • Creepy doll looks at a boy in play room
  • Wood rocking horse
  • Big fireplace
  • Old lady in movie, I think she’s the caretaker or maid
  • I remember a large stair case
  • I think the toys are haunting the house or one particular doll is talking to the boy as I remember

UNK SEZ: Wow, I don’t think I know this one, but I hope somebody figures it out because I want to see it! If anybody out there in Kindertraumaland knows what movie this is, drop us a line (or leave a comment) A.S.A.P.!

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13 years ago

Could it be this one: