Name That Trauma:: Reader Brian C. on a Shower Threat

I have a vague memory of a movie I saw as a child that has stuck with me all my life. Someone was taking a shower when the water suddenly turned red. This person jumped out of the shower, unscrewed the shower head and found a note inside. The note stated something like, “This is dye, next time it will be acid.”

That’s literally all I remember and I can’t be sure how accurate my recollection is. I saw many films as a child that I was probably too young to see, I think my parents preferred to sneak me into the drive-in rather than pay a babysitter. If this was a film I saw during that time period it would have been somewhere in the mid to late ’70s. This has been bugging me for years, so any help would be appreciated. Love the site.

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Propagatrix (@propagatrix)
9 years ago

Brian, I have the same memory and I also have not positively identified its source! I believe, however, that it’s from an episode of VEGA$ which aired in the very late ’70s or very early ’80s.

Rockwater (@rockwater)
9 years ago

This is definitely from a real movie/ tv show. I have a faint memory of it, too. Something tells me that its from a movie about either the military or police. Someone is trying to blow the whistle on corruption, I think, and this is a warning.

CreepyBrian (@creepybrian)
9 years ago

Thanks for the replies. It very well could have been from a TV show, I would have been very young when I saw this. I thought I was it at the drive-in, but you know how the memory plays tricks. I don’t ever remember watching VEGA$, but now I’m tempted to start picking up the DVD’s and see if that’s where it’s from.

Del Camino
Del Camino (@fb100003480571801)
9 years ago

Glad I’m not the only one who associates the scene with something from television. I have a strong feeling about that but can’t for the life of me remember where exactly I’ve seen this. I am fairly certain that I’ve watched whatever it is within the last five to ten years which means that it in my case it couldn’t have been VEGA$. I haven’t laid eyes on Dan Tanna since that show was still in its original run. That’s not to say that there isn’t such a scene in an episode of VEGA$. It’s very possible that this takes place in more than one vehicle. Couple nights ago, I watched an episode of Quincy M.E. in which they used a gimmick that had appeared nearly ten years earlier in an episode of Dragnet.

At any rate, I’m very interested to learn what this is.