Name That Trauma :: Reader Bridget C. on a Freaky Alien Floor

All I remember is a scene were a group of astronauts are walking through a room in an alien spaceship. Suddenly one of the astronauts falls onto the floor and enveloped by it, almost as if he were eaten.

Do you know the name of this movie?

Does it even sound remotely familiar?

Please let me know!

Thank you!

Bridget C.

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA PROBABLY SOLVED!?! Reader Chris offered up HABITAT as the answer, and Bridget emailed to say:

“That could be the movie I was looking for, but I’m not sure that’s it. Thank you for looking!”

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10 years ago

Sounds like the movie HABITAT, starring Alice Krige. The house becomes a living entity, and there’s one sequence (that for the life of me I can’t find on Youtube, but I know it’s there) where a female dressed in a biohazard suit rips herself from goop on the walls and falls to the floor only to be ingested by it.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully that’s it. 🙂

10 years ago