Name That Trauma :: Reader Carlos L. on an Elastic Flesh Monster Party


I’ve been looking for this ‘80s horror movie for a long time.

So, teenager boy moves into a new school and neighborhood. There’s an accident and one of the kids dies; so he starts to investigate, suspicious that it was murder. Soon, he discovers that most of the town people are these elastic-flesh monsters – including his dream girl (that is not as mean as the others) and her whole family. These people consume normal humans in rituals where their flesh becomes very elastic (gooey), and they absorb it. In one of the scenes, the father is with the wife and daugther in bed, and he sticks his head out of the daughters butt or something like that (gross); the teen fights the elastic flesh monster “party.”

Any ideas?



UNK SEZ: I know this one, it has to be the first film from director BRIAN YUZNA, 1989’s SOCIETY! What a weird flick! It’s a bit clunky in places but the special effects from SCREAMING MAD GEORGE are awe inspiring. I’m pretty prone to loving any film that involves a secret cult, so a flick about a secret cult that is made out of silly putty and devours those less fortunate than themselves is aces in my book!

NOTE: The brave amongst you can watch SOCIETY‘s climax HERE!

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12 years ago

Super trippy. Kind of Ken Russell.

12 years ago

I couldn’t get past 15 seconds of that finale, it was way too disturbing for me. I like horror and all, but there are some things that really get to me in a weird way.
Another was Dead Alive/Braindead (which I saw for the first time last year!), especially with the lawnmower part. Gah..

12 years ago

Much like “Dead Alive” (aka “Braindead”), I thought “Society” was one of the most moronic movies ever made when I first saw it in 1990. Yet years after the memories of all of the other horror flicks from that era had faded, “Society” remained pretty vivid in my mind. Re-evaluating it now, the pacing is off and it’s dated pretty badly, but it’s certainly a one-of-a-kind, wonderfully weird trashterpiece.

12 years ago

I’m probably wrong here, but Billy looks a lot like Uncle Jesse from Full House…

Which only reminds me how frightening the Olsen twins are. Ugh.