Name That Trauma :: Reader Cate on a Monster Making Milkshake

Dear Kindertrauma,

When I was a little kid in the mid-'70s, I went to a day care that showed movies when it rained. One time we watched a movie that scared the CRAP out of me and I've always wondered what it was. I think it was a DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE-type movie.

The part I remember was the guy drank this glass of what looked like milk with red dots in it and turned him into a monster. His lab/office was full of all kinds of stuff and I remember a parrot being there. The milky drink for some reason is the most vivid part for me.

Why the day care people thought showing this to little kids was a good idea I don't know! I know after this scene I spent the rest of the movie with my head under a blanket and an older kid trying to calm me down by telling me it was only a movie.

Anyone out there think this sounds familiar? I'd love to know what the hell kind of movie this was!

Thanks and I love the site!


UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Thanks to reader EMG for solving it with THE NUTTY PROFESSOR.

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Derek Obrien
13 years ago

It might be one called Twisted Brain (1974), AKA Horror High, where a nerdy genius who looks like Brandon Routh as Clark Kent mixes up some stuff. This one had a mini Kindertrauma for me, because of a scene where the nerd feeds his English teacher into one of those old-fashioned paper slicers:

13 years ago

Sounds like the Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis.

13 years ago

Awesome guess EMG! Looking at clips I think it was the Nutty Professor. I'm sure they thought a Disney movie was harmless! Thank you so much!!