Name That Trauma :: Reader CattyClair on a Brutal Bus Ride

Hi there,

I was watching T.V. really late one night and this gruesome movie was on. It was so scary; I couldn’t even finish watching it. Now I am curious about it but have no clue what it was called. What I can remember about it was this crazy guy running around, maybe running from someone or something, and everywhere he went or ended up at, he brutally killed whomever he encountered.

I think there was a motel clerk late at night and some lady he may have came across and scared her and she got onto a empty bus (she thought) trying to escape this psycho only to realize he was hiding on it. I think she even drove it down the road a bit thinking she had gotten away and here he comes from the back of the bus. She was terrified as was I and I changed the channel.

It seems to me it was from the late ‘70s or ‘80s. It was really scary. Kind of reminded me of THE HITCHER but worse. Any clue what this movie was called? Thanks.

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lottie_of_millhaven (@lottie_of_millhaven)
11 years ago

This is most likely not it (As its from the 90s and doesn’t REALLY fit), but what you said sort of reminds me of  Gregg Araki’s Doom Generation.  It is very violent.

HorrorCat (@horrorcat)
11 years ago

I was thinking that as well!

craig (@bluesunshine)
11 years ago

Maybe it’s MADMAN.

noctemout (@noctemout)
11 years ago

Didn’t Fulci’s “A Cat in the Brain” have a sequence like this? It’s been a while since I’ve seen that one.