Name That Trauma :: Reader Claudine on a Girl Trapped in a Tree by Wolves & Vampires

This was a movie about a young girl looking for her missing father seduced by a female vampire, chased and treed by werewolves who were fought off by the vampires as she watched from up in the tree.  This is all I can remember, please let me know if you have any idea what this might be.

UNK SEZ: Claudine, I know just what movie you are seeking! It is one of my personal favorites and it's called LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATUAL. I've written about that haunting film on these very pages! Read my gushing ramblings about that gem HERE. Thanks for being traumatized by something I know. I was beginning to develop a complex! You cannot see me doing a Snoopy-flavored happy dance in your honor, but that is just what I am doing!

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14 years ago

For some reason when I came on the site today my computer scrolled down a little and I found myself face to face with Cheryl Rainbeux Smith. In a tree!

Now most people would say "WHO?" but in the world inside my head Cheryl Rainbeux Smith is a Big Name! How other people think "Julia Roberts" is a household name. Well, not in MY household. I would rather watch Cheryl in a Horror movie or cheesy cheerleader T & A pic than watch NOTTING HILL any day!

LEMORA is an unsung gem and I recommend anyone who hasnt seen it yet to check it out. I know some people bag on it being "low budget"…but I think that actually works in its favor. It has a weird sort of "seedyness" to it! Perfect for Halloween!

14 years ago

I love this movie…And as much backtracking I've been doing to read everything on this site, I hadn't caught that you'd done a write-up on it!  Off to read it now…