Name That Trauma :: Reader Cody on a Faux Final Destination for Women

So, I don’t think this one has been done before, but I could be wrong.

I think this was a T.V. movie – a miniseries actually. I think it aired a lot in reruns on Lifetime. I could be totally wrong here. It may not even be a miniseries. What I remember is that it was probably made-for-T.V.; it probably aired over the course of a couple nights.

The main character was some blond woman who took a vacation and while on vacation almost died. I think by drowning, maybe in a boat with some guy. But since she didn’t die some kind of FINAL DESTINATION stuff happened and she had to face down seven demons or something that were coming to try and claim her soul. One was a boy on a bicycle who appeared in a parking garage, I think.

At the end she thinks it is over but it isn’t – she still has one more to go, and she thought they’d all come. There may be a climax involving a fish tank.

Any help I would appreciate so much!

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! A heaping of bionic thanks to faullguy for pointing us towards the LINDSAY WAGNER tour de force FROM THE DEAD OF NIGHT!

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11 years ago

This sounds like FROM THE DEAD OF NIGHT, a 1989 NBC movie that aired over two nights. Lindsay Wagner was the star.

11 years ago

I agree with Faullguy! I remember this Lindsay Wagner movie too. It was really creepy as I recall.

Cody Yoder
11 years ago

You guys are amazing! I was so close to writing “I think it was a Lindsay Wagner movie” too! You nailed it! I have been trying to find this for long! Santa didn’t forget me! I have to say I LOVE the DESIGNING WOMEN photos you used! Thank you so much!