Name That Trauma:: Reader Craig on Missing Eyes-Krispies Commercial

Please help me out with verifying that this commercial really did exist; In the mid/late ’90s there was a commercial on T.V. that played in Canada for Rice Krispies/Rice Krispies Squares that involved carolers singing outside the home of a man and a woman. She fed them Rice Crispies squares, all was well with the world, and the commercial ended. BUT…there was a nanosecond epilogue after the commercial wrapped when the man grabbed at his eye socket and said, “Honey, my eye just fell out!”

EVERYONE saw that commercial, but NO ONE noticed that extra couple of seconds except me. Then one day a friend called up and proclaimed me “not crazy” because she had noticed it too. This is not a joke, or put-on, or the result of drug-use. I swear this actually existed.

Does anyone at KinderTrauma remember this, or have the kind of all-powerful access to finding it that you seem to have with everything else oddball that has haunted someone for years?

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12 years ago

Actually, I DO remember that. But I couldn’t tell you much more than you’ve already described…. in fact, I hadn’t even recalled the carolers. YouTube turned up nothing either. Sorry I couldn’t do much more than verify your story. However, I’m pretty sure it was done in a comedic context, like he accidentally poked his eye before uttering the infamous line.