Name That Trauma :: Reader Elizabeth M. on a Savaged Seaman

I have been trying to find out the title of this film for years – just to make sure I avoid it, it scared me so much; but not in a, “Oooh that gave me the creeps” way, but in a, “Someone just got murdered right in front of me!!!!” kind of way. I always thought it was a version of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY but from what I’ve managed to glean from Google, it’s not.

I must have been about 10-11, so somewhere between 1979-81 and this film was on T.V. in the UK. At that time we only had three channels in this country, so that narrows it down – I don’t think I’ll forgive the BBC if it was them!

The only scene I remember was the part that traumatised me (I left the room and never returned until much later when I knew the damned thing HAD to be over). Set in the late 17th-early 18th century, with large masted ships, the scene had either (1) A crew rebelling, or (2) pirates attacking; whichever it was a young man in a naval uniform of the time (black tailcoat) and brown hair in a ponytail was hanging by his foot/feet from a rope tied to one of the crossbars from the mast which would hold the sail, and was swung back and forth, quite high and fast, as the other men (or maybe just one man) stabbed him in the chest and he screamed. It was very realistic and completely unexpected, coming as it did on a Saturday afternoon.

Please can someone help me? I know it wasn’t a dream as my nightmares are much more surreal than that!

Kind regards,

Elizabeth M.

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