Name That Trauma :: Reader Elizabeth on a Bully-Busted Bauble

The movie would have been before 1985. It was RANKIN & BASS-esque puppetry or claymation. A little boy lives with his grandma (I think) and he buys her a Christmas gift (could have been an ornament?)

On his way home some bullies beat him up and he falls on it and breaks it.

Any ideas from anyone? Or do I have a really fertile imagination?


Andrea Martin... I love you!

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11 years ago

Somehow, I read about a special which was performed by puppets called “A Gift for Granny”, which is about a little boy named Sonny who tries to get a gift for his gran, except he has to deal with some bullies and a shady pawnbroker.

I sadly could not find anything on YouTube for it, I know a DVD is available, but it’s not available on Bill Jackson’s website anymore…it was released on video on “Gigglesnort Hotel Vol. 4”.

11 years ago

Oops, I forgot to include the link-