Name That Trauma :: Reader Emilee on Little Girl vs. Mirror Monster

Hi, I am so glad I found out about your site!

When I was little I saw this terrifying movie that gave me nightmares for years, and I have been trying to figure it out for 10 years. My friends think I’m crazy. It was probably either late ‘80′ or early ‘90s. The only part I can really remember is a little girl being chased by a big brown monster with horns or something, and she is in her room and the monster is in the mirror.

The mirror is one of those old long oval mirrors that stands on its own. I know it’s vague. I think the little girl had dark brown hair. At first, I thought it was the trippy version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND that came out in ’85, but I have watched it and that’s not it.

The girl and the mirror are totally different.

I think I may have seen this other movie around the same time. If you can help me, I will not know how to thank you. It’s killing me that I can’t figure out what movie I saw.

Please help!!

UNK SEZ: Emilee, I’m not sure about this one. At first I thought it was MIRROR MIRROR (1990) based on your description of the mirror, but I think the beast in that movie is more of the scraggily hag variety. Then I thought of RIDLEY SCOTT’S LEGEND where the beast in question does have horns and the girl (MIA SARAH), though not a little girl, has dark hair. The beast indeed enters through a mirror at one point in that movie, but from what you’ve said I get the idea that the action takes place in a more traditional bedroom rather than the fantasy world depicted in LEGEND. You can watch that scene HERE. Let me know if that could possibly be the one you’re looking for, otherwise I have to throw it out to our readers to assist! In the meanwhile, through my research, I did discover that a very similar occurrence as the one you mentioned once befell upon SESAME STREET‘s Grover who took his own monstrous mirror confrontation in absolute stride…

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Corey Convex
13 years ago

You know, it almost sounds liked a mixed memory of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (1986) and Legend (1985). 

In Labyrinth, there was the furry, horned monster named Ludo…but he was kind and helped 15 year old Sarah (the beautiful dark haired Jennifer Connelly).  There is a mirror scene in Labyrinth, but it’s a modern mirror and Sarah’s otherworldly friends appear and they all have a party in her bedroom….so, not so scary.

But how scary was Jareth and his whole magic dance weirdness?