Name That Trauma :: Reader Emily K. on a Lady Cop Fighting Flying Fleshy Ribcages

name that trauma!

I was hoping you guys could name this trauma for me!

I must have been 9 or 10 when I was babysitting these two little girls and flipped the channel to this creepy looking movie T.V. It came in at like a female cop with short blonde hair who I guess had been futilely trying to conceive a baby. She gets dropped into some sort of weird underground cavern, I think she was chasing a guy…and she’s on top of all these nasty, flesh-colored rotting things that look like human rib cages… or the front part of the ribs at least. She’s all freaking out and stuff and then these cages start flapping like bats and each side of the rib cage is a wing and she’s all freaking out and starts running and crying trying to find a way out.

Then all of a sudden she wakes up in a hospital and a creepy older lady is standing over her and starts cackling about how she’s got her baby now and opens her dress to show a huge pregnant belly, only it’s see through and you see a creepy baby growing inside and it’s all nasty and opaque with nasty liquid and veins and stuff and the lady cop starts screaming and writhing in the bed; only when they pull the blanket off… her legs and arms have been chopped off!

The only other messed up detail I remember is when some guy she’s looking at reaches and grabs hold on his upper lip and proceeds to pull up and rip his whole face off revealing a crazy looking nastiness underneath with no eyes or anything… just a creepy looking grin with teeth!

I’ve never been able to get those details out of my head for like 15 years and I never knew what the movie was called or what it was even about. I just remember I knew it was bad ‘cuz I made the girls I was babysitting watch something else out in the living room while I was rooted to the spot watching this nasty traumatizing stuff…gore has never been so eerily addictive!

Well, my searches thus far have been futile but hopefully someone on your site can enlighten me about this horrible kindertrauma I experienced!

UNK SEZ: Dear Emily, you have come to the right place because I know just the movie you are looking for! In fact I just finished watching an old VHS tape of it to double check and make sure. The movie is called NECRONOMICON and it is from 1993. It’s an anthology film based on the work of H.P. LOVECRAFT and the part you remember was the third and final story “Whisper” which was directed by BRIAN YUZNA (BRIDE OF REANIMATOR). The film, as a whole, has an amazing cast of character actors that includes JEFFREY COMBS, RICHARD LYNCH, DAVID WARNER, BRUCE PAYNE and DENNIS CHRISTOPHER. This is a tough one to get on DVD but if you got one of them old-fashioned tape players you are in luck! Not everybody is too kind to this flick but I agree with you Emily, that the third segment is so whacked out it does kind of get under your skin!

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Amanda By Night
13 years ago

OMG! While I was reading this synopsis I kept thinking, “Is this from that anthology called Necronomicon?” And I scroll down and see yes, I was right! That segment of the film is terribly disturbing. I only saw it once and now (luckily) only have the vaguest memories of it. Wow, it totally came out of nowhere. I only vaguely remember the one with the guy from the Omen and they guy from Fade to Black but have no recollection of the other segment. They just aren’t as disturbing…

I’m having nightmares tonight, I just know it!

13 years ago

Aww, now I want to see this, it looks completely warped! But I ain’t got one of them there vee-see-arrs. 🙁

Delandria Eleandil
11 years ago

I saw this movie yesterday and I considered it AMAZING! I very much prefer dated special effects and hammy acting (but sometimes stunning visuals and imaginative stories) over the same repeating torture porn/zombie gorefests/crappy vampire movies today has to offer. I think Necronomicon is now out on dvd (at least I watched a very good copy), so please, go and buy it.
Oh, and if you like this , you should give a chance to the magnificent “Cast a Deadly Spell”. It is a hard boiled 40’s detective story/lovecraftian horror mash’up with some of the funniest moments and wittiest lines I’ve ever encountered and was dubbed “the best movie you’ve never seen”.

Delandria Eleandil
11 years ago

P.S. : sorry if my english is a bit shoddy, I’m from Romania, so it’s not my first language. But I get to hang out with Dracula, so it’s not that bad. 🙂