Name That Trauma!:: Reader Eric on a Backwards Creature in the Road.

I was wondering if somebody could identify this for me. Technically I wasn't a kid when I saw it, but I was younger anyway. It's actually a short GIF that I saw online somewhere from an old movie that was one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. It's in black and white, there's a car driving down a road at night, it looks like a European car, and then the POV shifts to inside the car. The car passes some kind of creature on the side of the road quickly. This thing has four legs, kind of bent down in the middle, with weird backwards legs or something in the rear. It has some odd looking face and it turns its head as the headlights hit it. There's something incredibly creepy about it, and I would love to know what it's from.

UNK SEZ: Great description Eric! That sounds exactly like a scene from 1983's XTRO! Could that be it?

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Tom Steeber
11 years ago

Yep. A good childhood memory for me as well. Actually, I remember seeing the poster ad in the newspaper that read, "Someday, Tony will be just like his father." followed by, "Some extra terrestrials aren't friendly". I always wanted to see it based on that alone and I saw it some years later. This scene is seriously creepy.

11 years ago

Ah, that is it. Man, that's as creepy as I remembered it. Thanks. I see it's on youtube, have to go check it out.

David Fullam
11 years ago

God I love XTRO. The British New Wave artists Tik and Tok played the backwards creature and the life size Action Man. The backwards creature was an awesome design, sadly we don't see too much of it. Not surprised as that suit must have been very uncomfortable.

Leah Farrell
11 years ago

THAT is the kind of stuff that gives me nightmares. Ugh…