Name That Trauma:: Reader Eric on a Dark Christmas Comic

There was a comic book I read in a store when I was a kid. It was kind of a black and white magazine type one, maybe Heavy Metal or one of those? Anyway, it was an Xmas story. The kid’s father looks out the window to see Santa on the roof. Santa falls off the roof and crushes the father. The kid sees this and spends years planning revenge. Eventually he confronts Santa on Xmas and I think shoots him. Later on he’s thinking about it and his mother goes outside. He hears something, goes outside, and his mother’s been crushed by a giant Easter Egg, and it ends with him saying, “…the bunny…!”

I guess it was meant to be kind of funny but it sort of freaked me out as a kid. Anybody know this one?

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10 years ago

This is Slay Bells from Bizarre Adventures #34.