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Name That Trauma :: Reader Greg M. on the Death of a Traveling Salesman

December 9th, 2009 by aunt john · 2 Comments

Hey, your site’s wonderful. It’s great to read about people’s trauma.

I have one from the early ‘60s. It was a film I saw as a kid on television. Maybe it was black & white, but who knows. Maybe it was an anthology T.V show. I don’t think it was a feature. I’ve checked ONE STEP BEYOND and BORIS KARLOFF and ALFRED HITCHCOCK, but I still can’t find it.

A woman decides to kill her traveling-salesman husband. She types his fake suicide note on a typewriter. She (somehow) kills him and (somehow) gets rid of his body. All I really remember is her saying, as she cleans up the murder scene, is “Everything…everything” so she won’t forget any clues.

And maybe there’s a shot of the typewriter falling/plunging underwater, but I might be making a memory from THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.

Any clues as to what this episode was?



UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Thanks to Reader Thunderknight for getting it with DEMENTIA 13!

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11 years ago

This sounds very much like the beginning of Dementia 13, directed by Frances Ford Coppola, 1963 I think.

11 years ago

OMG, that’s it. 
The funny thing is that i love Coppola’s work, but haven’t seen THAT one.  Anyway, after maybe 40 years, i can finally re-live that trauma.  Also, while watching Dementia 13, i realized that, as a 5 year old kid, i never saw any more of the film.  Only those first 10 minutes.  Jeese.

Thanks, Kindertrauma!!!