Name That Trauma :: Reader Ian on a Murderous Mansion

Hello there,

I am trying to find a classic horror movie which I watched with my family when I was little (about 20 years ago) which the movie at the time may not be a new release. Can you see if you can help me find out what it is based on the short description below? Here is what I remember …

This movie talks about an old house which is rented to a family, and there have been many strange things happened after they moved in including people/visitors to the house being killed. Every time there are people killed around this house, the house gets more beautiful and more colorful. The family somehow sensed there must be wrong with the house and found out the landlord (husband and wife) were dead and were buried in the back of the house, they tried to escape. At the end, the house would not let them escape and killed all family members (don’t remember how many, could be 3 or 4 people in this family).

After they are all killed, the house again became more beautiful and colorful and the family pictures end up being placed onto the fireplace in the house and join the pictures of the original house owner (the landlord).

This is about all I remember, and please see what you can do to help as this is a movie that all of my family members remember the old days and for me it’s quite important for us talk about when we reunion coming up.

Thanks in advance!!!


AUNT JOHN SEZ: Ian, based on your recollection, I am going to say that you are remembering the 1976 classic BURNT OFFERINGS. A family is hired to look after a creepy house, which eventually does them in, and their photos end up on the wall after the house undergoes an extreme supernatural makeover. Many other fine folks have been traumatized by this all-star chestnut, especially by the scene with the creepy chauffeur.

PS: Last but not least, a tip of the Name That Trauma hat to Nate Yapp of Classic-Horror for sending you our way.

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11 years ago

OOooooooh! Yes! Burnt Offerings. One of my FAVORITE old horror flicks. Loved it. Still love it and in fact have it in my collection finally. This one is right up with “Lets Scare Jessica to DEATH!” on my list of favorites.

David Fullam
11 years ago

That is a wonderfully evil Horror film.