Name That Trauma :: Reader Jeremy S. on Sticky Stairs

I’m pretty much out of options here and I just found you guys. I heard you’ve helped people find movies in the past and are very knowledgeable about horror movies. I’m coming to you on the end of my rope.

I believe this was from the late ‘80s. In this movie there’s a guy crawling up stairs, but they’re like gooey, like marshmallow or something and he’s sticking to them. Then his girlfriend axes him in the back thinking he’s one of the monsters or whatever that’s trying to kill them and their friends. He may have been wearing a leather jacket.

Possibly in the movie but not sure: There may have been a farmhouse, some kind of statue remembering people that died, and possibly a graveyard. I believe this was from the late ‘80s. Also that scene I remember may have been taking place in a basement.

Special thanks to reader Mincemeat for coming forward with GHOSTHOUSE!

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11 years ago

Didn’t one of the Nightmare on Elm Streets have gooey stairs?

Billy V
Billy V(@billy-v)
11 years ago

The first one had Heather Langenkamp trying to navigate some sticky stairs at the end. But this sounds different. I’m curious now.

11 years ago

I can’t find any clips online, but it’s definitely Umberto Lenzi’s 1988 movie Ghosthouse.  The stairs aren’t actually sticky, the guy is sticky because he just fell into a huge pool of quicklime in the basement.  He’s melting as he crawls upstairs, and then his girlfriend axes him.  I’m way too excited that I know this.

unkle lancifer
unkle lancifer(@unkle-lancifer)
11 years ago

AW, Mincemeat! Good job! That’s got to be it!

I kept thinking of 1982’s Superstition for some reason and it just wouldn’t fit.
I bow to your smart brain.
…and also Yay to the GHOSTHOUSE!

unkle lancifer
unkle lancifer(@unkle-lancifer)
11 years ago

I think the scene in question is at the end of this montage…  the stairs crawl is edited out but you do see the guy get axed….

11 years ago

Purty effin’ freaky. I always hated the “now hold real still” practical effects back in the day, tho. What, no-one thought to film it in more than one shot? The whole flexi-glass deal was pretty cool, though. It was so nice he…used it half a dozen times.