Name That Trauma :: Reader Jhone on a Dreadful Drowning

Hi there! Huge new fan and have been devouring the site greedily.

OK..I looked and looked and couldn’t seem to find this I am wondering if you can Name This Trauma:

It’s pretty vague, but I was so traumatized by a scene in a seventies film that involves a woman swimming in a pool who attempts to come up for air and finds she cannot. Like there is glass over the top of the pool.

MY BIG FEAR. Gah. I still have nightmares.

I could have SWORN it was BURNT OFFERINGS and slogged my way through what should have been a great film but was instead…less than amazing, and didn’t find the scene. Unless in my frustration I passed it….



UNK SEZ: Thanks Jhone! Although many horror films contain death scenes involving swimming pools I think I know just the one you are looking for. 1978’s THE LEGACY (which stars SAM ELLIOT and a bunch of people who aren’t SAM ELLIOT) features just such a trauma scene! Check out the clip below!

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Caffeinated Joe
10 years ago

This one gave me nightmares for years, too!

10 years ago

I LOVE that scene! It totally freaked me out when I was a kid too! There’s also a part where the couple tries to drive away but no matter what road they take they still keep coming back to the mansion. SO creepy!

10 years ago

Ah man….I was going to make that one my traumafession when I got around to it. I can’t remember how many times I went swimming in pools after I saw that movie that I never wanted to go under the water for fear of that happening! If I remember that’s also the same movie where someones decapitated head was fed to some dogs.

Jhone Daniels
10 years ago

YAY! You found it..this is it….

I love you. Ok..wait. I am re-traumatized. But I also love you. THANK YOU.

Also..Sam Elliot Bonus.