Name That Trauma :: Reader Jhone on a Dreadful Drowning

Hi there! Huge new fan and have been devouring the site greedily.

OK..I looked and looked and couldn’t seem to find this I am wondering if you can Name This Trauma:

It’s pretty vague, but I was so traumatized by a scene in a seventies film that involves a woman swimming in a pool who attempts to come up for air and finds she cannot. Like there is glass over the top of the pool.

MY BIG FEAR. Gah. I still have nightmares.

I could have SWORN it was BURNT OFFERINGS and slogged my way through what should have been a great film but was instead…less than amazing, and didn’t find the scene. Unless in my frustration I passed it….



UNK SEZ: Thanks Jhone! Although many horror films contain death scenes involving swimming pools I think I know just the one you are looking for. 1978’s THE LEGACY (which stars SAM ELLIOT and a bunch of people who aren’t SAM ELLIOT) features just such a trauma scene! Check out the clip below!

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Caffeinated Joe
9 years ago

This one gave me nightmares for years, too!

9 years ago

I LOVE that scene! It totally freaked me out when I was a kid too! There’s also a part where the couple tries to drive away but no matter what road they take they still keep coming back to the mansion. SO creepy!

9 years ago

Ah man….I was going to make that one my traumafession when I got around to it. I can’t remember how many times I went swimming in pools after I saw that movie that I never wanted to go under the water for fear of that happening! If I remember that’s also the same movie where someones decapitated head was fed to some dogs.

Jhone Daniels
9 years ago

YAY! You found it..this is it….

I love you. Ok..wait. I am re-traumatized. But I also love you. THANK YOU.

Also..Sam Elliot Bonus.