Name That Trauma :: Reader Julian D. on a Beastly Brooch


I just came upon your site today…I LOVE IT!!!!

Now, hopefully you and the readers can help me out…

All I remember was a scene of a woman, running at night in nice clothes, with some kind of brooch on…and as she’s running, the brooch gets bigger, until it looks like some kind of opossum/red-eyed monster that eventually attacks her…

I imagine it was some kind of “Friday Fright Night” ’70s film….but I remember that scene as clear as day…

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Thanks to Reader Eyetron for identifying THE NIGHT GALLERY episode titled “A FEAST OF BLOOD.”

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13 years ago

I think Julian D was frightened by an episode of “Night Gallery” from Rod Serling. According to Night,   it was the third story in episode 22. Quoted from the site, A FEAST OF BLOOD. A repulsive suitor evens the score with a calculating beauty by presenting her with an unusual gift: a fur brooch that seems almost alive. Cast: Sondra Locke, Norman Lloyd, Hermione Baddeley.” I remember seeing this when first broadcast in the 70’s. Love the “Night Gallery”. Here is a link to it at Hulu. The segment in question begins around 34:00