Name That Trauma :: Reader Kathryn on a Horrid Halloween Book

I have a “Name That Trauma” that has been driving me and my sister CRAZY.

When I was younger, in the early to mid-‘90s, my parents had a stack of Halloween books for us that they would take out when we were kids. One of these books was an extremely detailed illustrated book about a town of ghosts, monsters, vampires, etc. all the classic Halloween creatures. It was almost done in “Where’s Waldo?” style with a cross-section of the houses in the town and tons of different things in each room.

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a kids’ book although it was illustrated, because it was very gory and my parents never actually had looked on the inside, although it was rhyming. One of the pages I remember had a butcher shop that looked pretty innocent at first until you looked closer and it was human legs and arms, or a little old lady that had a giant monster hanging out in her attic. It was very cartoonish and humorous, although as an easily frightened kid it scared me into thinking there were real towns out there like that.

I’ve been looking all over the Internet, and everyone in my family vaguely remembers it but not the title, author, or anything else relevant about it.

Does anyone else recall this book?

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12 years ago

It does exist! I remember finding it at a used book sale when I was a kid. Unfortunately it’s stored away up in an attic on the other side of the country from where I am now so I can’t look it up to give any real info, but yes, it’s real, and as I recall, very elaborately detailed, albeit cartoonily, and it, I think, had lots of little word bubbles and such with the monsters all saying funny things.