Name That Trauma :: Reader Kevin on an Office Immersed in the Occult

Hi. I stumbled on your site entirely by accident about 3-4 months ago and have been enjoying it ever since. Friends I recommend it to also like it.

I have a childhood trauma that needs identifying. Any help would be appreciated. This would date from sometime in the 1960s and in my memory it was called THE GHOST BREAKERS and was in black and white. But all I’ve ever found of that name is the old BOB HOPE scare picture and this ain’t that. So it may be an episode of a T.V. show rather than a movie. (In fact IMDB lists an unsold pilot called “Ghostbreakers” which aired in 1967, five years after it was filmed but somehow I think I’d remember that MARGARET HAMILTON was in the one I saw; instead I don’t remember any particular cast members. Nor does their synopsis match my memory.)

Anyway, this basically had to do with people who worked for a business concern that were being knocked off. One guy, I think, is strangled when his tie gets caught in an office machine or teletype, or whatever. Stuff like that happens and I believe it appears that the company founder, or prior CEO, or somebody, has come back from the dead and his killing people. Revenge or whatever, I don’t remember.

The most vivid scene is a guy late at the office who disrespectfully (or just out of boredom) tosses darts at a portrait of somebody (the old boss man?) and when one sticks in the picture what looks like blood seeps out. (That’s what freaked me out as a kid.) So the guy is shocked and decides to get out, but sees some figure in the hallway (same boss guy?) and is frightened so he starts to run and gets to the elevator and steps in — and falls down an empty elevator shaft.

That’s all I’ve got! I’d love some help to either confirm that it is/isn’t the program listed on IMDB, or some other movie, or whatever the hell it is.



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