Name That Trauma :: Reader Lenamachina on a Stalker Sewing Machine & a Creepy Clock

I remember my older sister telling me about a movie that scared her years ago. All she can recall is a weird old sewing machine chasing some girl down a hallway(??) and an eerie voice saying “Jennifer.”

The second movie had something to do with an evil nurse and a clock that struck 13:00??

Late ’60s or early ’70s guessing?

Have been searching for along time.

Per a message from Lena, the sewing machine movie is JENNIFER (1953) starring IDA LUPINO.

UNK SEZ: Wha? A killer sewing machine that chases people?! I ‘ve never heard of that one and I can’t find any evidence of it anywhere! When I googled “killer sewing machine” all I got was a video of this crazy lady totally freaking out about her sewing machine. Can anyone help Lenamachina?

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cmcmcmcm (@cmcmcmcm)
10 years ago


knobgobbler (@knobgobbler)
10 years ago

Man… I remember a scary old movie where the clock struck 13. I remember it having to do with witches but I don’t recall a nurse.
Hadn’t thought about this in years… wish I knew the name.

Grokenstein (@grokenstein)
10 years ago

Long shot: Maybe it’s not a sewing machine, but an industrial laundry press? AKA “The Mangler?”

Princess Fluffernutter
Princess Fluffernutter (@princess-fluffernutter)
10 years ago

The only other film I can recall with a clock striking 13:00 is “Labyrinth,” but that was from the mid-80s.