Name That Trauma:: Reader Lucas on a Baby Who Grows…Fangs!

Here’s my kindertrauma!

I have pretty vivid memories of being so scared by an animated short that I would run and hide under the dining room table whenever it came on… right in the middle of Sesame Street! (or something… this would have been circa 1990 so any show with sketches could have had it… maybe Eureka’s Castle?) Of course I never just didn’t watch it… what is it about these things where you just have to keep your eyes glued???

Anyway, the sketch was this animated, grumpy-looking kid banging a drum and singing about how lame it was that his baby brother was so cute and got all the attention all the time. At the end of each verse, the kid would start singing about how it would be great if he WASN’T so cute, and wrap up with a wish: “I wish my baby brother had fangs, fangs, FANGS!” And on this line it would show a picture of the baby, which would suddenly have fangs – and on each repetition of the word “fangs” it would zoom in a little closer on the baby’s face, and the fangs would get a little bit bigger and grotesque. I remember getting that queasy stomach feeling as soon as the fangs appeared and then really feeling the terror build like a nail in my gut each time the kid yelled FANGS! I guess it was just too intense for my four-year-old brain.

Anyway, I really want to see it but I can’t remember which show it was on and I have no way of locating the clip! Does anybody have ANY idea what I’m talking about, or am I Candle Cove-ing this one?


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