Name That Trauma :: Reader Marcela G. on a Diabolical Doll & an Adopted Alien

I just recently stumbled upon your site and it’s amazing! I was wondering if i could get any help getting the names of two movies I saw as a child…

Here goes:

I don’t remember much about this one. It’s a black and white movie and there’s a doll and a little girl. The one scene I remember is the doll pushes an old lady in a wheelchair down the stairs. You never see the doll move though. The odd combination of scenes scared me witless as a child and fueled my distrust of dolls. That’s all I remember….

This one is a weird one. Maybe I saw it on Sci-fi? The second movie is a space adventure of some sort. Apparently this man and this alien are stuck on a deserted planet. Possibly crash landed? Well long story short it turns out the alien is pregnant. The alien has complications giving birth (due to the lack of medical help on the desert planet?) and begs the man to cut him open. The man does and promises that he will take care of the alien baby. The scenes that I can remember best are the alien telling the man that the baby can hear what goes on outside that womb (possible comedic relief?) and what I guess is near the end of the movie when the man and the alien child (now an adolescent) are walking around the deserted planet. I remember that the man is very short tempered with the boy.

I hope someone can help…

UNK SEZ:: Marcela G., I’m pretty sure the second one is ENEMY MINE from 1985 starring DENNIS QUAID and LOU GOSSET JR. as the alien who gives birth. It’s based on a story by BARRY B. LONGYEAR and its basic plot has been borrowed for an episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION entitled “The Enemy” and for what some consider to be the only decent episode of GALACTICA 1980, “The Return of Starbuck”.

As for the wheelchair pushing doll, I’m sadly at a loss, especially considering Kindertrauma’s vast research into wheelchair bound horror, which you can find HERE. Hopefully someone out there knows the answer to that one, we’re all about killer dolls around here!

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Brother Bill
Brother Bill
12 years ago

Not an exact match, but since you said you didn’t remember it that well, I’m wondering if you’re thinking of a scene from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in which a man wheels a large doll around in a wheelchair (and in which, later, a lady falls down the stairs)….?