Name That Trauma :: Reader Matt on Bleeding Green & Blinding Balls of Light

I’ll always remember this because this is my first ever experience with HBO and these images have been forever associated with HBO in my mind. The scene I remember most in this movie is where a woman in a huge ‘80s-style, multi-colored mohawk is walking towards some people in a zombie-like trance and someone shoots her. Green blood squirts out in a huge arc as she flies through a window.

Later on in the movie there’s a car chase scene where they’re being chased around by a glowing ball of light (I think it’s on a desert highway) and people are shooting futuristic laser-guns at it. That’s all I remember.

Any ideas what it might be?

AUNT JOHN SEZ: If anyone out there has any ideas, please share them via email or in the comments.

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12 years ago

Could this possibly be 1985’s “Trancers”? HBO sure played the hell out of it back in the days…