Name That Trauma :: Reader Matterly on a Zombie Infant in a Gift Box

name that trauma!

Dear Kindertrauma,

I have the vague memory of a film that has left me wary of gifts received on Valentine’s Day (especially ones that are wrapped and stuffed into boxes) ever since watching bits of it one Saturday afternoon as a six year-old child. I really need help identifying the title so I can feel more at ease, and hopefully be able to find out more about the film so I can at least chuckle about how ridiculous I’ve been over it throughout the past years.

The film’s setting revolves around Valentine’s Day, and many events had happened prior to the scene, which fascinated, yet frightened me. I do not care to explain what took place, due to time restrictions and the fact that I really don’t want you to waste your time editing my submission.

Anywho, in this scene we are now at the house of a snobby girl in her late teenage years who carelessly wrecked her car days before, killing her baby. She is relaxing by the pool on a white lawn chair, supposedly trying to get a tan (which looked more like a sunburn to me at the time), when suddenly, the phone in the kitchen rings. She gets up out of the chair to go answer it, moaning and groaning all the while about how she ‘cannot get any relaxation without people bothering her.’

“Hello?!” she answers in the most sarcastic-sounding voice that any human being could ever muster, but all she gets in return is an annoying dial-tone. The girl grumbles again, turns around to go continue to burn herself to a crisp in the sun, but then she stops. On the counter, right in front of her, is a beautiful white gift box adorned with an adorable red ribbon. She excitedly picks up the box and heads back out onto the patio to open it.

Back on the patio, the girl is already making little “ooh” and “aww” noises as she sits back down in the lawn chair and begins unwrapping her gift.

Now, here is the scene that has forever embedded itself into my mind, although I don’t really count it as a trauma since it failed to actually frighten me to up the point of wetting myself.

As the girl unwraps the unexpected gift, her excited expression quickly turns to one of horror as she discovers what is actually inside of the box; a more gruesome, mutilated version of the infant that was killed in the car accident.

The region of i’s skull that was smashed in from the impact is now replaced by a gaping hole, and the monstrosity moves its limbs in a robotic-like (it was an animatronic model) fashion as it lets loose horrible screeching noises that could easily be mistaken for a sharp object being grated across a chalkboard. The bawling horror then emits another screech, leaps out of the box, and latches itself onto the panicked girl’s face and begins to viciously tear at it.

You are the last source I know of that I can turn to.

And if you happen to find the film’s title, I would be forever grateful!

— Matterly

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13 years ago

I’m stumped, but I sure wanna know what movie this is! It sounds like nightmare fuel and I wanna see it!