Name That Trauma:: Reader Michelle D. on a Haunted House PC Game


I Just thought of another thing that scared me as a child. The only problem is, I don’t know what it’s called! It was a game for the PC from the ’90s and in the game you are trapped inside a haunted house. The only way to get out was to search the house to find thirteen keys before the clock in the house struck thirteen o’ clock. If it struck thirteen, the game was over. Characters would appear in the room you are in now and again and you could give these characters an item and they will give you one in return (sometimes a key). There was a two headed monster, Frankenstein, a female vampire, a hunchback, a little boy, a mad scientist and a genie or ghost named Graeme (only character name I can remember). Characters weren’t the only thing to appear, but monsters would also appear every now and then. These monsters weren’t friendly as they would attack you if you didn’t leave the room in time. My older brother thought that some of the monsters were wimpy, but they did scare me. Especially the hangman victim who grew long fingernails and clawed you! That affected me for ages afterwards.

If anyone can help me figure out the name of this game that will be great.

Thank you!

UNK SEZ: Thanks for writing in Michelle! I believe I found your game. You were very close on the ghost’s name but it was actually “Gahan” as he was named after the man who inspired the game, kindertrauma legend Gahan Wilson! The game is called GAHAN WILSON’S ULTIMATE HAUNTED HOUSE. You can read up on it HERE and HERE and there are plenty of videos on Youtube to check out if you want to revisit some haunted memories!

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