Name That Trauma :: Reader Mickelodeon on Dry Looking Domestics

You guys are *so* good – and your reading audience too, that I turn to you again for Name that Trauma!

It was a Saturday afternoon, perhaps 1980 or 1981; all my friends were outside playing in the pool while I was glued to the television in the family room, trying to convince myself there were no monsters in the laundry room. Fast forward to the only things I remember about this film, which are not many.

Firstly, it was British. Secondly, the single scene I recall is of two women standing in front of a rather large piece of furniture, talking. One was older and one was younger, and both looked to be from ‘below the stairs.’ with their funny little hats and aprons. Here’s the kicker: the older woman (standing on the right) had a green bottle she continually shook as she and the younger woman spoke. And in the bottle was BLOOD!

I don’t know how I managed to surmise the contents of the bottle were blood, since I remember precious little else about the movie, but I’ve never forgotten that scene, or at least how it was stamped on my mind. On a side note, this was not on any type of cable channel. It was a regular, over-the-air broadcast, shown on WABC New York. (Yeah, I know. It’s rather freakish that I can remember *that* and not what the damn movie was really about!)

Oh, another thing and forgive my very technical description of what the picture looked like. It looked dry. Some movies (and T.V. shows) look wet, like MY THREE SONS. I LOVE LUCY looks dry. I know there are real-world terms I should know, since I majored in communications, but wet and dry seem to do the trick.

Any light you could shed on this would help solve one of the mysteries of my childhood!

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