Name That Trauma :: Reader PhantomWerewolf on a Book Cover Bearing a Haunted House & Ghostly Gal

Hey Aunty and Unk!

Got a Name That Trauma for you guys, hope someone can help me out. Once again, this little trauma comes in the form of a book. I don’t remember much about this book, I only remember that it was titled something odd. Something like “The House that Came to Life” or something of the sort. Anyway, on the front of this book was a really freaky lookin’ old abandoned house, and on the center balcony of this haunted house was a ghostly woman.

Like I said, I don’t recall much about the book having only looked at the pictures inside. I think there was something about a family moving into the haunted house… and there was a fire near the end. That’s it. Hope someone can help me out!



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