Name That Trauma :: Reader Radio1 on a Deboned Lighthouse Keeper & Zombie Lincoln!

Hi Guys,

When I was a kid in the ‘70s, many things scared me. Two of them I cannot identify– though I remember snippets of them.

#1: A film made in ‘60s/early 7’0s. Seen on T.V. in late ‘70s. It opened with some kind of tracking station tracking something. A craft/meteorite or whatever crash lands. Cut to a foggy cove with a lighthouse, the lighthouse attendant finds said something and gets attacked by a monster. He screams and later people find his corpse– but there are no bones in it!

I think it starred one of the big three: VINCENT PRICE, CHRISTOPHER LEE or PETER CUSHING. Could have been a HAMMER film or an AIP film, maybe…

#2: A film made in mid/late ‘70s on NBC Sunday Night Movie. I remember the announcer’s voice well. There’s some kind of wake or viewing of body in a closed casket (i.e. lying in state). The scene seemed to be in the mid-1800s America. All I can remember is the expensively draped casket (head of state funeral), and suddenly it opens and someone says, “President Lincoln’s alive!” That scared the bejesus out of me! Who knows if I watched a few more seconds, maybe I would have found out it was some kind of T.V. Movie revival of THE WILD WILD WEST. But it sure seemed to me like Zombie-Lincoln…!

Can you help?

UPDATE: Senski nailed the first one with ISLAND OF TERROR. We are still looking for an answer to the Zombie Lincoln trauma.

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12 years ago

That first one is almost certainly Island of Terror with Peter Cushing – the whole movie is on YouTube!

12 years ago

Thanks senski…!
My gosh, you hit the target exactly!