Name That Trauma :: Reader Richard L. on the Terrors of Two Heads

I vividly remember a movie from my youth that scared me so much I had to call mom to help me watch the rest of it.

I just tried to find the title and info about it but failed.

I thought it was THE THING WITH TWO HEADS with RAY MILLAND but the synopsis says that a doctor transplanted a head onto a guy.

The movie I saw has a guy growing a second head. It started as an eye growing in his shoulder and grew into a complete second head! (I thing the guy splits in two later in the movie.)

The scary part, for me, was the “monster” behind the door! He shook the door so violently in the evil doctor’s laboratory that it scared me.



Big ups to Name That Trauma champ Senski who knew that this was from THE MANSTER.

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senski (@senski)
12 years ago

Fun movie! That’s “The Manster” (also released as “The Split”) from 1959 – US release 1962. It’s very much in need of a decent DVD release, but this one is adequate…

Yeah, that eye in the shoulder shot was one of my favorite stills in old issues of “Famous Monsters of Filmland” – fifty years later, and that scene still works.

Richard (@richard)
12 years ago

I lived in NYC at the time (60s) and it was on the channel 9 “Million Dollar Movie”. It was billed as “The Manster”.

Thanks for the memory jog.

FatherOfTears (@fatheroftears)
12 years ago

OK, bad case of CRS right now! Which “Evil Dead” movie had Ash see an eye grow on his shoulder which then turned into an evil dupe of himself that split from him?

EegahInc (@eegahinc)
12 years ago

Ash saw the eye in Army Of Darkness. An obvious homage to the Manster which must have been a kindertrauma moment for a young Sam Raimi. Can’t say I blame him, that scene still gives me the creeps.

FatherOfTears (@fatheroftears)
12 years ago

Thanks Eegah! “London Bridge is falling down…………”