Name That Trauma :: Reader Ritrat8 on a Man Made Into a Balloon

Hi, my name is ritrat8.

I had accidentally watched something traumatic one night. It involved a woman and a man, and the man kept repeating what the woman said, so the woman said something around the lines of, “I will break every bone in your body!”

The man was about to repeat what she said, when she does just that, and the man flies around the room like a popped balloon.

Does this sound familiar?

AUNT JOHN SEZ: I have no idea what this movie is, but it sure does put me in the mood for some Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians:

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Ritrat8 figured it out! The balloon man in question comes from A SIMPLE WISH:

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Derek Obrien
13 years ago

It sounds like Drop Dead Fred (1991), starring Phoebe Cates and Rik Mayall, about a woman whose imaginary friend from childhood comes back to “help” her. There’s a link to a scene from it:

13 years ago

I honestly have no idea, but that “Balloon Man” music video remined of two music videos that used to ruin my appetite when i was little. No need to create traumafessions for these ones…i’m just putting it out there that these messed me up pretty bad.

The first, is a hit(?) single by some weird french chick named Les Rita Misuoko. The song is called “Andy” and i’ll put my children on it that they were channeling Pee Wee Herman when they shot this load of garbage:

The second is apparently one of Rolling Stone’s top 100 vidoes of all time (BULLSH@#$!!!!)…..wait for it………

Fish Heads: by Barnes and Barnes (criiiinge)