Name That Trauma :: Reader Robert E. on a Killer Piano


I have a movie in need of identification. I remember seeing one of those horror anthology films from the ’70s with one story being very memorable.

The story I remember is that there is this famous pianist who always plays the same piano for his concerts. The piano even has a name something like “utopi.” The pianist gets married to a young ambitious woman against his mother’s wishes. The mother fears that the new wife will be a distraction to her son’s music career. Also when the pianist speaks about his music he seems to exhibit the belief that “utopi” is alive.

Spoiler alert The piano comes alive and kills the wife!

I would appreciate of your readers could help me again.

Robert E.

UNK SEZ: Hey, Robert! I’m thinking the killer piano you’re looking for is lurking in the 1967 AMICUS horror anthology TORTURE GARDEN!
Check out this description from the wikipedia page

“In Mr. Steinway, a possessed grand piano by the name of Euterpe becomes jealous of its owner (John Standing)’s new lover (Barbara Ewing) and takes revenge”.

And I got some good news for you! TORTURE GARDEN is available on YouTube so you can check it out right now!

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Brian Katcher
Brian Katcher
3 years ago

Ah, all great stories by Robert Bloch, author of the original ‘Psycho’ and friend of H.P. Lovecraft’s.