Name That Trauma :: Reader rock_hardplace on a Trapped Town & a Battle Bug

Hello all, I have faint memories of two separate T.V. episodes I saw during my youth and hopefully my description is enough for someone here to decipher what they are.

The first is of a SciFi T.V. episode/movie around the late ‘70s, in which people are in a town but they can’t escape because there is a giant glass wall all around. I think one group of people in a truck tried to ram the wall and the truck exploded, however the glass wall remained intact. Another scene had this white chair which looked oval like an egg, and when people sat on it they dreamed or hallucinated, or something to that effect. I remember one guy grabbed the chair and ripped it open and revealed the inside of the chair to be organic (I think it starts spewing out blood or fluids or something.)

Also, every so often when people would be walking around town minding their own business, a giant shadow would appear around them as if something was flying above – I don’t think they ever showed what it was, only the shadow it cast. Everyone in the vicinity of the shadow would immediately try to grab onto something anchored to the ground, like a tree, as to not get sucked up by the thing floating above. Finally, near the end I remember that one guy was excavating next to the glass and finally found the bottom of it but I don’t remember if he escaped.

The second memory I have is a very short clip but also on T.V. and about the same timeframe – late ‘70s, it is of this man holding some sort of huge mutant insect/bug about the size and shape of a turtle, and he is arguing with some other guy. Then the bug man drops the bug on the ground and the bug slowly crawls toward the other guy and catches up with him and attacks (I think the bug’s wings extended during the attack.)

That’s about all I can remember. Ring any bells?



UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Special thanks to Derek Obrien for knowing that the first one is THE FANTASTIC INVASION OF PLANET EARTH (aka THE BUBBLE) & additional kudos to Brother Bill for getting the second one with THE OUTER LIMITS episode “The Invisibles.”

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Derek Obrien
11 years ago

The glass thing sounds like The Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth (1966), originally called The Bubble, directed by Arch Obelor, and released later in 3-D under the former title.
Don’t know about the bug one, except possibly… Bug (1975), one of William Castle’s last films. But it’s been ages since I saw it…

Brother Bill
Brother Bill
11 years ago

Not an exact match, but for the second one, you  might check out “The Invisibles” episode of The Outer Limits, which was about some alien insects (that were about the size of a turtle and moved slowly) that are placed on peoples backs so they can impregnate them with some kind of chemical that takes over their body.  At one point one of the large bugs crawls slowly across the floor towards someone.