Name That Trauma :: Reader Sarah H. on Poisoned Ship Passengers

Hey Kindertrauma, I have a bit of a puzzler for you!

About 7 or 8 years ago, when I was quite young, I remember house-sitting with my dad while my aunt was in the hospital giving birth. My dad turned on a horror movie, and for some reason or another, I watched it with him, and it’s stuck with me to today! All I can remember is that it (at least the later part of it) takes place on a ship, where there is a fancy dinner where all the guests are fed rat poison. There is a montage of them choking up blood and dying, and later in the movie one of the characters (protagonist? antagonist?) is impaled by a hook violently and swings there, dead. The movie is quite darkly lit, if I remember, though some of these details may not be fact.

Anyone have any idea what movie this is?



UNK SEZ: I think I know this one Sarah H.! People drinking rat poison on a boat sounds a bunch like 2002’s GHOST SHIP to me! Check out the video below!

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11 years ago

Wow, that is just…messed up, which means I have to see it. Plus, Julianna Margulies!