Name That Trauma :: Reader SlackerDan on a Desert Battle With a Spinning Head

romeo is bleeding yo!

Dear KinderTrauma,

There’s a movie I’d really like to track down because a scene from it traumatized me as a child. The only thing I remember from the movie was a scene taking place in the desert and (I think) some sort of battle was taking place. Then a big man wearing a turban (again, I think it was a turban) puts on a ring and his head starts spinning around and around. Cursed ring, I guess. Anyways, I freaked out when I saw that, and was wondering if you ever remember seeing a similar scene to the one I described.

Great, great site!!


romeo is bleeding yo!

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Matthew Kirscht
11 years ago

sounds familiar. Maybe Spacehunter: Adventures in the forbidden zone or one of those weird early 80’s 3d adventures things. There one with gems being taken from a stautes eyes in the end, sounds like something from that. Not much help, I know.

10 years ago

I know this is a bit late, but I’m 99% sure the movie you’re thinking of is 1983’s TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS, which was indeed part of the short-lived 3-D revival of ’82-’83. It is actually the hero’s head that spins around, while the villain ( who wears a red hooded robe) gets his face melted by wicked awesome supernatural lasers, as you can see in this clip