Name That Trauma:: Reader Tom S. on a Candy Cavity Witch

Hello Kindertrauma. I was wondering if I might be able to tap your extended knowledge base in helping to find an old poster image.Here’s what I can remember so any further details or better yet, the actual image would be super cool.

When I was in kindergarten, circa 1979, there was what I believe to be an educational poster for dental health. It featured a witch with gross rotten teeth behind a table piled with candy and sweets. My sister used to refer to it as the “candy cavity witch”. As a young kid I found it disturbing but I couldn’t not look at it. A few years later I saw the same image in a book but ever since then it has only been a distant memory. I’ve done image searches and checked eBay with no luck. Please tell me I’m not imagining this memory! Any of you or your readers’ collective memory able to help out on this?


Tom S.

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Ben S
Ben S
9 years ago

Unfortunately, I can’t help you find the image–but you’re NOT imagining it! They had the same poster in my dentist’s office, and I still think about it whenever I eat candy.