Name That Trauma :: Reader Trent on a Trio of Traumas


I'm pretty savvy when locating little oddities from the past but here's three that I'm afraid I may never see again.

Somewhere between '83-'86 I had my first glimpse of MTV while spending the night at my grandparents house. I remember seeing this video of a neon pinkish man with a wheel in place of legs wheeling around and singing in what appeared to be the innards of of a VCR. I was transfixed by this until my deeply religious Grandmother abruptly flipped the channel.

Next, a few years later I watched a teen summer camp type movie which I could have swore stared a young MICHAEL J. FOX (IMDb says no) but there was some subplot about a disappearing kid and a weirdo/killer in the woods named Wally. I think the kid finally turned up but Wally may have actually just been a little slow but not a maniac.

Finally, in the early '90s I was ill and my mother had taken my little brother to the video store and he picked out some bargain bin-type kids fantasy flick. The film involved a kid and a likable vagrant drifter who happened to be from, or at least aware of, some fantasy realm that looked like GYMKATA meets the 'It's a Small World' ride. Extremely bizarre.

Anyhow, if any of these happen to strike a bell that would be amazing, otherwise I may have imagined them.

Thanks much,


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13 years ago

For the second one: Michael J. Fox was in a made-for-TV summer camp comedy called Poison Ivy in 1985, but I don't remember a missing kid subplot nor a weirdo in the woods.  Of course, I haven't seen it in 25 years so who knows.

13 years ago

The third one sounds a lot like The Great Land of  Small, a French-Canadian indie film about a dwarf with a satchel of gold-dust.

13 years ago

There are a lot of those old MTV shorts on YouTube… loads of weird animations that, AFIK, never were shown anywhere else.

13 years ago

@ Taylor and Tini Normi, Thanks! those are defiantly the 2 films in question. You guys are awesome!
, thanks, Yeah I hadn't occurred to me that it might just be an early bumper animation, I thought it could have been "Tron" for a while but It's not, anyway, the search is still on for that one!