Name That Trauma :: Reader T.W. on a Crucified Mom and Her Delusional Daughter

I have a trauma that no one has been able to help me identify.

My sister and I saw it on TV when we were 8-10 years old, so we assume it’s a movie (or made-for-T.V. movie) from 1974-1976’ish.

I scared her with a line from this movie for years…“You killed me, April!”

The movie, if we remember correctly, involved a woman that a group of people are trying to drive insane.

The big scene was time and time again seeing her “dead” mother hanging on a crucifix yelling, “You killed me, April!”

It was very creepy and we’d LOVE to see it again!

Can you help?

UNK SEZ: Whatever this movie is I certainly want to see it! Anybody out there have any ideas? If so, leave your thoughts in the commments section or email us at!

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14 years ago

Hm. Don’t know that one personally, but it sounds like one of those oh-so-lurid “ABC Movie Of The Week” entries that warped me as a small child (Sally Field’s “Home For The Holidays” was a proto-slasher that burned itself into my mind with a pitchfork murder and bathtub drowning, as did Cloris Leachman’s “Death Sentence,” in which a woman viewing evidence on the jury at a murder trial realizes her own husband is the actual killer). You could try hitting Wikipedia’s entry and skimming through the title list and see if that jogs the ol’ memory (and cross-ref candidates with…