Name That Trauma:: Reader Zoey on Square Eyed Aliens and Others

I have a “Name That Trauma” from about five years ago, when I was in high school. I would go to the library during lunch and look at the paranormal/mystery section, and I read pretty much every book. Technically this is 2 different traumas, and I remember they came from different books, but both were “nonfiction”, and about aliens. One of them was a thinner book that I think was part of a series, titled something like Mysteries: Alien Encounters (that wasn’t the exact title).

Anyway, I remember reading an account of a group of schoolkids who apparently encountered aliens (just like walking around, they didn’t abduct the kids or anything), and they were described as being tall, and wearing jumpsuits, and their faces being featureless except for square (this part stuck out to me) black eyes and fleshy beaks. They were also described as walking in a manner reminiscent of a Nazi parade. It was mentioned that the kids encountered another “alien”, who looked like a woman but parts of her kept “phasing in and out” (like, appearing and disappearing like a hologram). The aliens apparently walked through walls at one point.

The other book was specifically about abductions, I think (and may have been written from a skeptical viewpoint), and it mentioned a case about a man recalling being abducted and describing his abductors as being like a huge white box with a red triangle on top, a metal coffin/silhouette, and one of them apparently had a robotic arm sticking out of it which performed tests on him. Sorry I can’t recall more information, but does anybody know anything about these books or the cases they mention?

UPDATE: I figured out one of the cases in my first email- The Prospect Alien Abduction Case. Now to figure out the one with the beaked aliens…

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