Name That Trauma:: Rebecca T. on a Frightening Fire Safety Flick

I was traumatized as a kid by a film we were shown in 3rd grade. It was a family of 4 who you followed around for the day getting to know them. After work, dad drops a bit of ash behind the couch and it eventually starts a fire. The boy dies immediately as he is on the top bunk and inhales smoke. The girl fails to stay low as she leaves the room and dies. The parents both somehow die trying to go after the kids. Only the dog survives. I was on the top bunk. I would’t sleep there again after that film. Dad had to call the school. Do you know where to find this if anyone knows what it is? Hoping to rewatch it in order to give it less fear power.


Rebecca T

UNK SEZ: Thanks Rebecca! We’ve got you covered as we’ve been getting submissions on this notorious trauma inducer for YEARS and YEARS! Our beloved SENSKI was able to finally identify its title as “Another Man’s Family” and reader SIMMINY eventually found it on YouTube HERE. Sadly a better quality version has yet to appear but we’ll be keeping our eyes open and sound the alarm if it does. One thing’s for sure, you’re not bunking alone!

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6 years ago

Ha! Posted this in the wrong thread! Couldn’t figure out where it disappeared to! Anyway:

I don’t know about the quality (it might be the source of the YouTube video, who knows, not me), but Something Weird Video offers “Another Man’s Family” on their “Health and Safety Scare Films Vol 6″ DVD-R for ten bucks.

Tom P.
Tom P.
3 years ago

I have an update on that fire safety film. I found a copy of it that goes by the title “Fire Prevention in the Home” It is from 1967 and was produced by the US Air Force. It is around 25 minutes in length. It has clear sound and is in full color. The title “Another Mans Family” is a subtitle that is shown shortly after the films opening. I believe that this film was released twice. First by the Air Force and then thru the National Fire Protection Association. It is on YouTube and really drives home the importance of smoke detectors. Enjoy!